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New UTAU: OWL(Aoru)

One day I figured that recording more than one octave was literally the only way I could have a female that didn't sound horrible, and record more than one octave I did.

Then I recorded an English bank because I do what I want.

Her full bank isn't available at the current time because the OTOs aren't finished, but it's not like anyone would want it unless they wanted to make her sing English.

EDIT: Since Japanese users keep pointing it out--
The name [Aoru](アオル) is not a literal romaji translation of [OWL]. It's a pun on [ao](青).
Like the sky.
Because birds.
Also, [Auru] is literally the most awkward romaji translation ever.



High and Mid range

Low range

OWL 1.1

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Another 911 (sorta?) original!!

Kikorino created an original for 911 and Catapult! c-(*w*#)

She worked hard on it, so please mylist it!

A lot of people are having trouble loading the video, so you can listen to it on NicoSound.
The image for the video can be found here, too.

oh god this is the third original song featuring 911
does this mean he's popular now???
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CF's reccs special edition; Miku Append

by magzz

Does anyone even read this blog?

So Miku append has been released, and with it, a fucking tidal wave of original songs. Most of them use dark or soft and are instantly crap (they're kind of hard to use), but there's also a few gems in there.

Uses all of Miku's appends as a single changing voice, which works spectacularly. The song has a full feeling to it, and runs smoothly.

An eerie, dark song that utilizes the voice to it's fullest. A++

A wonderful mellow song that uses Vivid at a low pitch, and does it well. It's got a sad tone, but it's still somehow cheerful. Comparable to Song of Robot's Ears in tone.

Smooth and laid-back song. There's no power, no melancholy, nothing really great about it, but it's very lovely to listen to.

Heaven is a Place on Earth

Slow, full-sounding, and well-produced.

sup CielP. Absolutely gorgeously crafted lyrics in a mindblowing piece. Awwww yeah. Also really nice scenery.

Exactly like above, only much more mellow and + catchy chorus.

This entire thing, video, song and all, is stuck right between professional (Nem, Supercell) and amateur. I don't particular care, because it is absolutely gorgeous. LET ME GUSH ABOUT SONGS I LIKE. Her mature voice can hit all the notes that would make Miku's normal bank sound like horse piss (don't lie, you know what I'm talking about). The voice jumps kind of remind me of Hard R.K. Mix songs, and make it very vivid.

Haku original! Her voice is typical dark Miku, but she has those dead notes we've come to know and love, causing her to simultaneously sound good and be Haku at the same time. Amazing, I know. The castanets are a wonderful touch.


Man this is probably the most videos I've recced in a single post. Keep pumping those originals out, Nicofolks!
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yes I know my entries are pointless

(from a Japanese artist)

It's so pretty I want to lick it. Those eeeeyes.

And finally, someone who draws Al pretty and boyish!

Nnnnnfff all over.
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