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Vocaloid Oliver official demos!
oliver cartoon
Vocaloid Oliver has had his first official demos posted! Along with his character art.

The first is "Circus Monster", composed by popular overseas Vocaloid -P "CircusP", known in overseas circles as "Matt9five".

The second is "Scarborough Fair", a popular ballad from roughly around the 18th century. It's fairly well known both overseas and in Japan, making it an excellent demo song.

Here's waiting for the fan reaction!
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Happy Halloween from PowerFX and VocaTone!

A cute little song featuring Big Al, Sweet Ann, and Oliver, as both a halloween treat and a quick sample of Oliver's voice to hold the fans over until his demos are done!

Also, I drew a little something for you guys too!

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Happy VOCALOID3 day!
It's time I remember this blog was originally for Vocaloid recommendations and start blogging.

Personally the one I'm paying the most attention to is Mew since she sounds so unique, but I'm going to perusing the entire Vocaloid3 tag all day.

1. 【Mew】RainWords【オリジナル/PV付】 - Absolutely beautiful, and fit perfectly to her voice!

2. 【GUMI Power】 FUTURE 【オリジナル】 -- A beautiful song with an epic sound! Not fond of her tuning, though. Or lack thereof?

3. 【Mew・Vocaloid3】病恋パラノイドガール【オリジナル】 - OK this is my favourite one so far. Fairly creepy Mew original! I find it interesting how you can hear the VSQ has been made with Miku!

4. 【VOCALOID3★Mew】 noir 【オリジナル曲】 - The reason Vocaloid3 is a holiday is because it means NND is drowning in really high-quality original songs. Why can't it be like this year-round? (and high-pitched Mew sounds good too!)

5. 【Mew】フラスコ実験島【オリジナル/PV付】 - A more traditional-sounding song! Mew's becoming my favourite Vocaloid \(#*Q*#)/

6. 【V3GUMI+ルカ】 フキンシン 【オリジナル】 - Ohh!! This is pretty cute! A rock-like song!

7. 【Mew】マリア【オリジナル】 - A soft rock song for Mew! This kind of thing suits her best.

8. 【GUMI Sweet】Sweet Shackles【VOCALOID3オリジナルPV】 - An eerie rock song! The 'terrifying cute girl' trope on full blast here. With Gumi's voice, it sounds a little sad...

9. 【GUMI_Adult】カソクザクラ【オリジナル】 - Gumi Adult! Loving her tuning, she sounds lovely! This one is Japanese-influenced Vocarock. That's never a bad thing.

A comparison of VY1, VY1 in V3, and VY1V3.

10. 【VOCALOID3★GUMI_power】 noir 【オリジナル曲】 - Same producer/song, different voice! Gumi sings this better.

11. 【GUMI V3】十面相 colorful ver.【発売おめでとう】 - Oh! Oh!! Oh!!! Ten-faced! This is an incredible cover! The way their voice harmonize is amazing!

12. 【TONIO】V3エンジンでヴォーン・ウイリアムズ「放浪者」(「旅の歌」より) - V3 ports! Mmmmm, Tonio...Woah, the volume is pretty incredible. Is the DYN factor finally useful for more than fixing crap transitions?

13. 【GUMI power&初音ミクV3】妖しや踊れや百鬼夜行【オリジナル】 - Oh, the tuning in this is pretty wild. Vocarock again!

14. 【VY1V3】いろは唄【カバー】 - Gorgeous cover of Iroha Uta! Mmmmm *Q*

15. 【Mew】 散文詩 (オリジナルだよ) - A gorgeous gentle song using an interesting instrument selection! One of the more unique songs.

16. 【GUMI Power】 Restart 【オリジナル曲】 - Ah, classic Vocarock. She sounds really gorgeous on notes Miku would sound shrill and obnoxious at. V3-Gumi's range is breathtaking.

17. 【VOCALOID3 Mew】サヨナラスイングバイ【オリジナル曲】 - Best song. BEST SONG.

18. 【GUMIwhisper&power】ピース【オリジナル】- Ahh, I really wanna mylist this!!!!! But a message keeps popping up, and I don't know what it says because all I know is English (*Q*;;) It's a really fantastic Gumi light-rock kind of song!

19. 【GUMIwhisper&power】方向音痴【オリジナル】 - casually........bookmarks........producer (they're really good wow)

20. 【Mew】オリジナル曲「Upper Ground」 - Oh, here's something I've been waiting for; a song that doesn't fit the vocalist. Her voice is too deep/held-back for the range. Should have used one of the enormous plethora of cute mid-range vocalists! I'm putting it in the list anyway because this song is pretty fantastic.

21. 【GUMI V3】SheepSleepSheep【オリジナル】 - w...what is this cute.......

22. 【GUMI Whisper】replica【オリジナル】 - Sure is a lot of fantastic Vocarock.

23. GUMI Whisper  オリジナル曲  『抱きしめて』 - Absolutely chilling ballad. Mmmmmmmm.

24. 【VY1V3】オリジナル曲「Tear's Memory」 - Aaand back into unique-sounding music! Getting a lot of variety today.

25. 「日曜日の坂道」 megpoid Whisper オリジナル曲 - Oh god wow this is super cute!!!

26. 【GUMI Adult】リハーサル【オリジナル】 - Oh, nice and dramatic! The Adult bank is impressive.

27. 【GUMIオリジナルPV】雨上がりの世界【Extend_Sweet】 - Incredibly cute light rock song gwaaaa gwaaaaa gwaaaaaa ;Q; (really good tuning!!)

28. 【GUMI Adult】ホムンクルスの夢【Short Ver. PV】 - If they were going to do the volume like that they should have used a much stronger or much softer vocalist but WOW THIS IS REALLY GOOD????? THAT PV.

ok I'm done it's not even Vocaloid3 day in Japan anymore I don't think
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Crossfrown's Tonio special
You want hype? I'll give you hype. Thanks to demo stalling with people actually looking forward to him, Tonio has reached meme status in his lateness. his board skin on VocaloidOtaku is called "Antonio please come home your dinner is getting cold".
His item has become a martini due to my small quip about how he reminds me of James Bond. This seems to happen a lot when I quip.
And now, after a 5 month delay he's released.

As per usual, nicoreccs!
Fly Me To The Moon (Demo)
Triton Sea(+Sweet Ann)
Yesterday (nnnffff, I want to shove my money in his wallet)

And on youtube we have...
Tu vuo fa l' americano (gender factor reduction example)
Pour mon ame
un beso y una flor

There's a Magnet chorus, but Tonio sounds like a fucknut at normal perimeters so I'm refusing to link it.

I'll be updating this entry for the following two days, since he's just been released.
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Busy fandom...
Vocaloidotaku has earned itself a subforum where the fans can talk with the dev team and chat about Engloids! This spurns a bit of mysterious drama.

Two things I wanna talk about;

Tonio. Demos. Where are they. It's been three months, and yesterday was the "it might be late" deadline for demos. The little Tonio corner of the fandom is freaking out. They said the demos were done, so no one knows what gives. And people are losing interest. In general, it's like this, as a.n.n. so eloquently pictured.

Sonika. I'm trying to argue her quality, and the dev team seems to be skirting the issue rather mysteriously. I got someone to give me her vowel samples, and they are ridiculous. It alternates between synth piano, Prima, and a goddamn muppet. There is a mystery to solve here, and I'm trying to cover all the bases so I'll get a direct answer.
Besides her strange lack of quality, a member of the dev team for both Zero-g and PowerFX has claimed the only way they're remaking Sonika is if she's made for Vocaloid3, which is reasonable. I don't know how likely it is to actually happen, buuuut it's a possibility!


Also, my tablet's not working! Frowns all around. :C

(I need to start working on my usts again augh)
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