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OWL again.
I got a new tablet and I'm playing with it.

Things I'm also playing with:
OWL's voicebanks!

She's got a couple of new samples (aa/ああ, ii/いい, uu/うう, ee/ええ, oo/おお, nn/んん) as well as a couple of rerecordings. It's not much of an update, but it'll be on the Voicebank Update Page anyway.

Also: English voicebank will just be straight-up canceled since I don't really have time to do those lists. If the CVVC list ever gets released, maybe I'll do those. In the meantime, she's just OWL.
Still no basic English support because she's big enough already.

She also comes with more OMAKE/Bonus Art!
1 character art, 1 normal outfit, 1 Official Genderbend

Also, I've been rerecording Cedar and TRYING to readjust 911's voicebank, so that's why I'm so UTAU silent.

Also, I'm creating a new voice (unrelated to CrossCV, which is Completely Done).

Does any other UTAU user have so many irons in the fire? I DOUBT it.
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oh my god
I'm sure anyone who's anyone has at least heard of Homestuck, but for those who somehow haven't, see here.
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CrossCV reference
I whipped up a complete reference set for all the UTAUs voiced by me (911, Cedar, Lavan)! Complete with color pallet! Mostly because I tweak their outfits obsessively and no one seems to get 911's outfit right. No idea why. Too many details? Looking at the wrong reference? It's a mystery.

911 ref
Hopefully his final design, and with a view of his back! His hair has become fluffier.
Cedar ref
I never use his stage outfit HAHAHAHA. Cedar doesn't really have a set outfit. Also a nice view of his blemishes since he walks around topless a lot.
Lavan ref
First proper look at Lavan's human side! Also a nice visual of how the "Skin" works. His blood is blue either way.
The black spots are just stains from the "Skin".
White Alley ref
911's older form. Basically just better art with a visual on how his Vest works.
911 skin
911 wearing his own skin. It's much more embedded into his body, so it freaks him out a little.

Oh oops, I forgot to add 911 as a child to the collection.
Allison White 10
yeah there we go.
...Poor kid.
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911 Original; 犬畜床―ワンコロニー
lol there you are, embed option

direct link here
nkntrn wrote an original song for 911!! ;w;
It's apparantly their first time working with an overseas UTAU. I think it was a little troublesome to work with? Translation vague. (it sounds like they're using the original 911BRAVE, and uh, hot damn those OTOs are awful)

The image is lovely, and the song is dark and sharp, which compliments 911's character. All in all, yesssssssssss
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Voicebank Updates
Any voicebank updates will appear on this post, and more often than not, this post only.

ETA: Updated Cedar to fix the super-gravelly sample issue. It's actually been tweaked multiple times with no release, so it's more or less bumped up to 1.3.
ETA2: Lavan Ash has been rerecorded and added to the list. Added Risha too, because while not a CrossCV she IS my UTAU.
ETA3: Updated Risha's bank. Mostly her "re" sample, but the OTOs have been revised as well.
ETA4: Updated OWL's bank. If you have a version that says "Lite" in it, download the update instead.
ETA5: Cedar's 2.0 is complete! He comes with diphones (continuous vowels/VV).

911 3rdSet (911/appends)

911 2.6
911 -WHISPER- 1.2
911 -STRONG- 1.2

DL: Click Here

911 Single

911 2.6

DL: Click Here


Cedar 2.0

DL: Click Here

Lavan Ash

Lavan Ash 3.0

DL: Click Here

Risha (リシャ)

Risha 1.5

DL: Click Here


OWL 1.1

DL: Click Here

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