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Toki no Tobari (VCV)

OKAY OKAY I'm officially done with this song.

This took me like 20 minutes to do since Matsudappoiyo's voicebank is so ~perfect~. But I kept fucking the drawing up so I just gave up. Sorry. :c

Anyways, repacked .ust with CV and VCV!
Download here!

I'm gonna cover another Aripon song too, but I probably won't release on .ust for it. Don't want to be excessive.

Edit: For those who are having trouble locating the Karaoke, it's in the attatched files section of the original Megpoid test.
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O hey I neglected to make a blog entry about this!

The only ust for this song widely used was Imai's, which is so incorrect I want to punch kittens. "Wa"s are "ha"s, there are incorrect lyrics sprinkled through the entire thing with a notable lack of Ns, and it's all spread wrong. Overall, the worst ust I've ever used.

SO what I did was make my own!
Download Here
I made it a lot faster than anything else because I eyeballed the entire thing off the crappy UST for notes hahaha.
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Hey, I covered Toki no Tobari. Again.
I didn't really know what to draw for the cover and took a look at the PV, and the only iconic things were streetlamps, Miku Rainbow hair, a clock, and the color blue. I hate drawing streetlamps.

Like the song?
New ust!
More smoothing
Now in Hiragana

The hiragana is mostly quality control, since crappy newbie UTAUs are usually in romaji. :U
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Toki no Tobari
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