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Crossfrown's Tonio special
You want hype? I'll give you hype. Thanks to demo stalling with people actually looking forward to him, Tonio has reached meme status in his lateness. his board skin on VocaloidOtaku is called "Antonio please come home your dinner is getting cold".
His item has become a martini due to my small quip about how he reminds me of James Bond. This seems to happen a lot when I quip.
And now, after a 5 month delay he's released.

As per usual, nicoreccs!
Fly Me To The Moon (Demo)
Triton Sea(+Sweet Ann)
Yesterday (nnnffff, I want to shove my money in his wallet)

And on youtube we have...
Tu vuo fa l' americano (gender factor reduction example)
Pour mon ame
un beso y una flor

There's a Magnet chorus, but Tonio sounds like a fucknut at normal perimeters so I'm refusing to link it.

I'll be updating this entry for the following two days, since he's just been released.
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