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Kiyoteru nico reccs
Crossfrown's Blog = Nicoreccs.

This is my first video I've mylisted.
Anyone who knows me should not be surprised.

Also I totally cried looking for the mylist option oh god it's registering without a translator all over again. And the button is just sitting right there with its goddamn KANJI IN AN IMAGE.

Not to be a Kiyofen heathen or anything, but this song is the only Kiyoteru original I like. It's so perfect for him, and the whistling is sweet to listen to.
I want to cover it with Lola~ ;w;
Or Sonika, since I've mastered her enunciation errors and glitches.
How to use Kiyoteru; this.
Except the engrish, he can do better than that.
SHIPPIN' IT. The song is from FF9, apparently. Kaito is the main singer, but you know what, THIS RECC LIST NEEDS MORE KIYOKAITO AND HERE YOU GO.
Pic+song=both awesome.
The good version of Under The Darkness, in case anyone didn't know and wanted it.

And that's all, folks!

Also I got a new google chrome theme (firefox is superior for navigating, but is dead to me now that it's so glitchy). Hatsune Mikuuuuu.

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