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Tonio's Valentines Rampage

Tonios valentines rampage

Tonios valentines rampage 2

(coincidently, the chocolate he gave to others tasted excellent, including the one in Sonika's box.)

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!!! I love them both, I can't say which I liked better. The first had me laugh right out loud, especially at Sonika's expressions (she's drawn so lively and explosive here.) And of course the second is PRIMAPRIMAPRIMA YES. I think the two of them are going to get on SMASHINGLY.

The Engloids family is awesome in all combinations, really.
Theru | URL | 2010/02/14/Sun 16:17 [Edit]
Oh my.
This makes me laugh.
mx | URL | 2010/02/15/Mon 06:41 [Edit]

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