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Crossfrown's Reccs; Pure Quality Edition
Prima+Gakupo+Gakuko+Luka+TakoLuka = Nico ___ Medley (I don't know which one it is. >: )

ChabudaiP is now the coolest P ever in my heart. His use of Luka and Gakupo is goddamn amazing, and he's an active Prima user. His videos are either incredibly hilarious or cutely charming.

And now, the usual assorted works.
by Chata. Sweet Ann with a gentle voice in fluent Japanese. Skill level is 5/5 stars.
Same Producer, same skill level. Quite possibly the first person to ever make Ann sing with that quality. Her Rs are even softened into pseudo-Ls. CONVICTION. I'm trying not to cry over my failure.
Fucking FINALLY. Yeah, look at that, a HIGH-QUALITY Sonika original with a video featuring a subject-appropriate picture that was not taken from a picture on pixiv they liked.
Ilu (бεб)P, so much. I can even forgive your god-awful Gakuko videos.

If you like (бεб)P's style, you'll enjoy these;
He uses Gackpoid, Megurine Luka, and Kagamine Len normally. I believe that Sonika original is his first work.

That's it for today!

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