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Busy fandom...
Vocaloidotaku has earned itself a subforum where the fans can talk with the dev team and chat about Engloids! This spurns a bit of mysterious drama.

Two things I wanna talk about;

Tonio. Demos. Where are they. It's been three months, and yesterday was the "it might be late" deadline for demos. The little Tonio corner of the fandom is freaking out. They said the demos were done, so no one knows what gives. And people are losing interest. In general, it's like this, as a.n.n. so eloquently pictured.

Sonika. I'm trying to argue her quality, and the dev team seems to be skirting the issue rather mysteriously. I got someone to give me her vowel samples, and they are ridiculous. It alternates between synth piano, Prima, and a goddamn muppet. There is a mystery to solve here, and I'm trying to cover all the bases so I'll get a direct answer.
Besides her strange lack of quality, a member of the dev team for both Zero-g and PowerFX has claimed the only way they're remaking Sonika is if she's made for Vocaloid3, which is reasonable. I don't know how likely it is to actually happen, buuuut it's a possibility!


Also, my tablet's not working! Frowns all around. :C

(I need to start working on my usts again augh)

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