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I haven't used this as a diary in forever, so let's blog about anime!

I'm wasting all my time watching anime! It's really weird, I never devote myself to anime, because I get uncomfortable sitting down staring with no immediate reward. I think that's why I stopped watching TV altogether. Restless Leg Syndrome.

I'm only guessing I have it because randomly I will get up and walk circles around the house, and I will occasionably be overtaken with the uncontrollable need to masturbate.


Wallflower is a shitty anime. Go watch the drama.
Stop watching anime. Go watch a drama.
Please recc me good dramas. ;___;


Heroman is an all-American Japanese anime produced by Stan Lee, and is the chemo that is curing anime. It's colorful, full of emotion, and surprisingly realistic for a robo kids show.
The story follows young Joey Jones, a frail young boy who works at a coffee shop. Notable characteristics include being bafflingly androgynous and possessing an excellent ass.
After his toy that he brought upon himself to fix gets hit with Plot Lightning (and breaks down his goddamn wall), Joey comes to terms with owning a giant robot and saves the day by announcing his favorite food is the scenery with a large remote on his hand.
Meanwhile, his science teacher summons aliens to Earth.
This arc only takes 9 episodes to wrap up, and overall has the feeling of a Saturday morning cartoon even through the panic of attacking the alien's homebase and getting destroyed by giant balls.
However, the second arc (which also takes 9 episodes to wrap up) grabbed the plot and serious'd right the fuck up. The initially vague realism's amplifying just caused the entire arc to be even more tense and emotionally troubling, and making the characters even more relatable. Also, Axel Hughes strutting around in his underwear at the beginning of Episode 11. Glorious.
The third arc seems to drop the realism almost completely until there's nothing but 'realistic repercussions' in order for some good ol' robo fights, but honestly, I love the series too much to care.
Also, great music.

Now, for a change of pace.

Kuroshitsuji II is the sequel to the hit-shit anime Kuroshitsuji, which is based on a manga that has cellphones and video games in Victorian England and still manages to be less cracky than it's animated counterpart.
While it is indeed a sequel, Ciel's personal retcon only demands you do a quick wikipedia read on all the characters to get a run-down of what's going on and you're set.
Anyways, Kuroshitsuji. A cult uses a young noble, Ciel Phantomhive, to summon a demon. Ciel sells his soul to kill everyone in the room and resurrect as much of his life as possible, including giving the demon his father's face, his dog's name (Sebastian), and making him his butler.
Since the Phantomhive family is like the Queen's personal FBI, Ciel investigates cases with free permission to kill anyone he wants to, which he does often due to PTSD reactions and general sociopathy. In fact, the only sign he is capable of love is his reaction to Elizabeth, his cute fiancée.
In the second season, it follows Sebastian getting cockblocked out of his soul meal and therefore serving Ciel again, but starts off with the antagonists, crazy slut shota Alois Trancy and his demon butler Claude (+demon servant triplets and female fanservice punching bag). Both of them are notably obsessed with Ciel.
After 6 episodes of the run-of-the mill UST and fanservice for both boys and girls, shit suddenly gets real and everyone's morality suddenly turns from gray to bright, shiny orange. Also, everybody wants Ciel. I'm into young boy characters and all this talk of eating little boys is making me uncomfortable.

And that's that! No seriously, I don't watch anime. It's an achievement for me to watch two at once. Also, not a writer, so.

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Best drama: Zettai Kareshi plz.
I cried like a baby skdjsdlfj.
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