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Old Sketches
How long has it been since I posted art? Never? Probably never, right?

Okay except that one time but still.

Here are some drawings I did over the span of 2010! Enjoy~~~
2010-10-15 14;47;24
Concept art of Caru, Marietta, and a little Rene, from Mode Sakura (original series)
I spilled coffee on it.
2010-10-15 14;54;06
Vocaloid doodles, Append concepts for 911, first time I drew Cedar.
2010-10-15 15;05;07
doodles from a summer festival. 911 in the Project Diva kitty outfit, 911 in the Project Diva Len outfit, topless Cedar with a haiti hat, chibi 911, 911 with a haircut, and then Neko and Tonio.
2010-10-15 15;09;36
Oooold concepts. Second time I ever drew Nunny. Other guy is Fury (before he became a classy 1920s lady). I recorded his voicebank, but it didn't fit any version of him, so I gave that Voicebank to Lavan and scrapped this design.
2010-10-15 15;14;32
Most recent UTAU stuff. I just like Cedar topless I guess. The big 911 a concept for his 3rdSet full art, and the little 911s are more reasonable append designs. There's also Risha and her brother in the corner. I was recording the twins in one go, so the male half is actually incomplete and will probably never be released.
2010-10-15 15;29;21
Kuroshitsuji gags. Ciel>>911, Finny>>Cedar, Grell>>Lavan, and Sebastian>>Fury. Fury will probably never be released since I've exhausted my range but LOL O WELL. Also 911 with a haircut again since that was popular.
2010-10-15 17;02;29
First drawing of 911 ever! Excuse me while I go be incredibly embarrassed at how lame this is. Good thing he got a character overhaul.
2010-10-15 17;05;21
Old-ish doodles. Pencil/ink practice with Alice, Lily from Through the Looking Glass (probably the only named character in canon that is not Alice or her cat), initial sketches of Cedar. The two-headed dog is a Salish legend. Apparently that thing sits on the beach pretending to be driftwood, and if you look at it in the eyes you'll turn to stone. Salish legends are kind of awesome.

And that's all!

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