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Voicebank Updates
Any voicebank updates will appear on this post, and more often than not, this post only.

ETA: Updated Cedar to fix the super-gravelly sample issue. It's actually been tweaked multiple times with no release, so it's more or less bumped up to 1.3.
ETA2: Lavan Ash has been rerecorded and added to the list. Added Risha too, because while not a CrossCV she IS my UTAU.
ETA3: Updated Risha's bank. Mostly her "re" sample, but the OTOs have been revised as well.
ETA4: Updated OWL's bank. If you have a version that says "Lite" in it, download the update instead.
ETA5: Cedar's 2.0 is complete! He comes with diphones (continuous vowels/VV).

911 3rdSet (911/appends)

911 2.6
911 -WHISPER- 1.2
911 -STRONG- 1.2

DL: Click Here

911 Single

911 2.6

DL: Click Here


Cedar 2.0

DL: Click Here

Lavan Ash

Lavan Ash 3.0

DL: Click Here

Risha (リシャ)

Risha 1.5

DL: Click Here


OWL 1.1

DL: Click Here

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