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full batch
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I'm not sorry.
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OWL again.
I got a new tablet and I'm playing with it.

Things I'm also playing with:
OWL's voicebanks!

She's got a couple of new samples (aa/ああ, ii/いい, uu/うう, ee/ええ, oo/おお, nn/んん) as well as a couple of rerecordings. It's not much of an update, but it'll be on the Voicebank Update Page anyway.

Also: English voicebank will just be straight-up canceled since I don't really have time to do those lists. If the CVVC list ever gets released, maybe I'll do those. In the meantime, she's just OWL.
Still no basic English support because she's big enough already.

She also comes with more OMAKE/Bonus Art!
1 character art, 1 normal outfit, 1 Official Genderbend

Also, I've been rerecording Cedar and TRYING to readjust 911's voicebank, so that's why I'm so UTAU silent.

Also, I'm creating a new voice (unrelated to CrossCV, which is Completely Done).

Does any other UTAU user have so many irons in the fire? I DOUBT it.
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Crossy, how do you draw?
This topic seems popular with artists, so I thought I might show off a step-by-step.

I started it out as a joke about how sporadic my urge to draw is, but it works since I took so many damn WiP shots.

The Idea
With me it is literally the most vague thing possible. Normally just an inkling of a pose or outfit, though in this case it was an urge to attempt some lighting.

Planning takes too long. Just draw that shit. Flaws? Who cares, I'll fix it in the line art. I'm using a goddamn mouse, there's no way I can pump out a gorgeous sketch when I can just use curve tool!

The base
That moment you realize how horrifically bad the original sketch was. I spend almost all my time on a drawing playing with the edit tool in a fruitless attempt to make a figure featuring the basics of human anatomy.

well shit
I actually have no idea how shading and lighting works. If I scribble and smooth it with the blend tool it'll look nice, right????

Finished rendering
After obsessive tweaking, the drawing starts to shape up nicely. The shading and lighting layers are harmonizing decently enough. All is well.

Go nuts
zap motherfucker
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New UTAU: OWL(Aoru)

One day I figured that recording more than one octave was literally the only way I could have a female that didn't sound horrible, and record more than one octave I did.

Then I recorded an English bank because I do what I want.

Her full bank isn't available at the current time because the OTOs aren't finished, but it's not like anyone would want it unless they wanted to make her sing English.

EDIT: Since Japanese users keep pointing it out--
The name [Aoru](アオル) is not a literal romaji translation of [OWL]. It's a pun on [ao](青).
Like the sky.
Because birds.
Also, [Auru] is literally the most awkward romaji translation ever.



High and Mid range

Low range

OWL 1.1

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Art post!
I should probably start doing reccs again, hmm.

In the meantime, art post!
ali2.jpg icewine.jpg manda.png
wife.jpg Night mare cuties.jpg campfire.png
The context on that last one is up for you to decide.
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